Shooting Additional Video

Optional Extras

Having a friend or family member on screen sharing their thoughts and feelings about your loved one provides alternate perspectives that often engages the audience at a deeper level. You have no doubt run across this thechnique that is often used in biographical documentaries.

You may wish to appear in the film presentation yourself. We also suggest you consider having your loved on screen if they are available, although this is not always possible.


We film interviews and additional sequences

We film interviews with mulitple camers, lighting, and wireless microphones to make sure that it is the content of the interview that shines through – not mistakes in filming.

Additional footage relevant to your story such as images of the family home or favorite activities may also be appropriate.


We help you shoot your own video

It is not unusual for you to be in the best position to film additional content because of your knowledge and perspective (after all it is your story). Consequently, we also provide guidance and support if you wish to film your own interview footage. We help you avoid technical issues that can distract the audience from the intended content.

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