Photo Scanning


Scanning Photo Prints

We ensure that photo prints are digitized in high enough resolution and appropriate aspect ratio for high definition video. Photo prints may be damaged or faded and may require some restoration. Note that quite often it is only a portion of the photo that is of interest in telling your story. Our digitizing process handles all of these considerations.

Scanning Photo Negatives

Perhaps the images you need are only in the form of film negatives. We can scan negatives from 35mm, 120 medium format, and even 126 and 110 Instamatic cameras. We also scan photo slides. Again we take care to ensure that the scanned negatives are of high enough resolution to allow for cropping into the important parts of the images.


Sequencing Photos

But just having digitized images is not enough. This is where you come in.
The images have to be ordered in the sequence of your story – and only you can order them correctly. We collablorate with you to make sure that the images and your story align correctly.


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