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Create your own biographical video presentation to share with friends and family at Celebration of Life events as well as birthdays, anniversaries, and family reunions. Destined to become a family heirloom, your video tells the story of your loved one the way only you can tell it.

Our online workshop provides an easy to follow process that guides you through all the steps: from laying out the story narrative; to preparing photos, film, and video; to editing the video presentation; and even to hosting and sharing it with family and friends.

The result is your own unique Celebration of Life presentation – not a cookie cutter template you simply dump photos into. It takes a little effort on your part, but as most of our customers say “It was a labor of love… and the effort was worth it”. Even if you have never before used a video editing application, you will be amazed at the professional results you can achieve.

Helping You Tell Your Story

Perhaps the most important part of our online workshop is the guide to telling your story. Not only does the workshop provide a general approach with a subject outline, it asks many questions to get you on your way quickly and to encourage creativity as you develop your story line.

A good story moves beyond the chronological facts like dates and events. It engages the viewer through emotional connection. Our workshop helps you to focus on the motivations and connections your loved one established: the core elements that new generations can benefit from. The heart of the story.

3 Types of Presentations


Passed Loved One

If your loved one has passed recently, this is perhaps the most emotionally charged and stressful type of presentation to create. However, the process of honoring your loved one can be cathartic and healing as well.


Celebrating a
Special Event

A presentation celebrating a loved one at a special gathering is a great gift to them, and to friends and family as well. It allows you to express your feelings directly. It also allows you to include your loved one into your presentation: a unique perspective for posterity.


The Autobiographical Presentation

How would you like to be remembered? You can tell your story from your own first person perspective; and pass along your thoughts, hopes, and advice for future generations. This is a great exercise in defining your own legacy.

Our Process

Rather than provide you with a single workshop; your one year membership provides access to 3 workshops – one for each type of presentation – each tailored to help you create your own Celebration of Life presentation.

Work at Your Own Pace
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Take all the time you need to collect your thoughts, assemble the materials, learn the technology, and create your presentation. The only time constraint is the one you yourself impose.
Any Number of Presentations
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For the duration of your membership, you can create as many presentations as you wish; honoring any number of loved ones.
Sharing Your Presentation
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For the duration of your membership, we host your presentation in the cloud so you can easily and conveniently share your presentation with friends and family.
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Our Approach

When confronted with the need to create a Celebration of Life presentation, we most often turn to a slide presentation tool such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote. These tools are designed to support a live presenter guiding their audience through their presentation – usually in a business context.

Our approach is to create a video presentation. Video offers great flexibility in presenting both moving and still images as well as powerful soundtrack capabilities. It also makes sharing your presentation easy and convenient.

Never used a computer video editor before? No worries. Our workshop guides you through the entire process using a free video editor application that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you already have a favorite video editing application – great. Use it.

Our workshop focuses on how to use editing techniques to tell your story – regardless of the tool you choose.


There is only a single fee for the subscription to the online workshop. A one year membership is yours for a one time charge of only

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If you wish to extend your membership, the one year renewal fee is

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