Film Scanning

8mm and Super 8 Film

A common way to digitize old home movies is to project them and record the projection with a video camcorder. As you might expect, this does not yeild the best possible results.
We use scanning equipment that digitally scans each and every frame of the film at high definition resolution. In most cases the film has degraded over time, so we often process the images to restore the film to its original condition.

Preserving Original Film

It is extremely important to avoid damaging the original film during digital capture.

If you have ever projected an old home movie, you may have experienced damaging the film – most commonly torn sprocket holes, or a film jam that results in the film melting from the heat from the projector bulb.

Our scanning equipment does not use the sprockets so there is no danger of film tears. Also, the LED light is cool enough that there is no danger of damaging the original film during digital capture.

You get the entire film in Video Format;
not just the sequences for your presentation.

Preparing Video Sequences

Only portions of the digitally scanned home movies will appear in your presentaion. We work with you to select the sections most applicable to your story and extract those clips for use in the editing of your film presentation.

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