Celebration of Life Services

A biographical film that can be shared with friends and family is a great way to celebrate the life of your loved one. Your film is not only the center piece of a celebratory event, it preserves your loved one’s legacy for future generations.


We don’t create a celebration of your loved one’s life for you... we create it with you

Our process is designed to help you tell your story. Not only times, places, and events; but the underlying feelings and passions that drove and defined the life you are celebrating.

Recognizing that you are the one that knows the story of your loved one’s life journey, our service is really a collaboration where we assist you in creating the story you wish to tell.




Author Your Story

This is easier than you might think. Your story takes shape simply by sharing your memories with a third party that does not know your loved one as well as you – us. During our discussion, we ask questions that help guide you and inspire your creativity. Our objective is to delve beyond dates and events, to reveal the character, values, and inspirations that make up your loved one’s legacy.

At this point, we suggest that you review the story narrative with other family members to gain their insights and scan for errors or omissions.


Digitize and Sequence Your Treasured Memories

Most of us have old photos, videos, and perhaps even old home movies of our loved ones. We work with you to review the photos, negatives, films, and videos that are available and those that need to be digitized. More than just capturing them, they should be digitized in high resolution to properly support your high definition video presentation and to be preserved for posterity.

Then we get your agreement on the sequencing of these image assets in the manner most appropriate for your story.



Turn Memories
into a Cinematic Experience

With the story line and visual assets in place, we create a custom digital film celebrating your loved one. Using professional documentary filmmaking techniques, additional media such as interviews or archival footage along with an audio soundtrack is included as required to best present your story.


Your Input
Makes It Perfect

Of course, we may not get it quite right on the first pass. We work with you to refine the presentation until it tells your story with the heart and feeling that it deserves. Your celebration of life presentation is a collaboration where your knowledge and our skills come together to make sure the digital film is just right.



Polish for Perfection

Once you approve the presentation, we add the final touches such as color grading and audio sweetening to ensure that your video presentation adheres to best practices in film production.


Easy Distribution
for Lasting Impact

We deliver your digital film in industry standard format acceptable to all online streaming services and computer media players. We also host your film on our cloud storage for a period of one year for easy sharing.

The real value of your celebration of life presentation is in the ability to show it at an event, and to subsequently share it with friends and family.


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