Let’s Celebrate Timeless Memories

Most of us, when faced with having to leave our home due to an emergency and rescue personal belongings that are most important to us, choose family photos and films because these images are irreplaceable. We strive to preserve our timeless memories – for ourselves, our loved ones, and for future generations.

These images are precious because they preserve our memories of experiences shared with our loved ones.

Let’s celebrate our loved ones and the timeless memories we share with them. And then pass these memories along to subsequent generations so they have a deeper understanding of themselves.

Honoring Passed Loved One

We help you to create a Celebration of Life presentation befitting your loved one. Our assistance reduces your stress, while you honor and celebrate the your loved one’s legacy.

Celebration Event

What better gift can you offer to celebrate your living loved one(s) at an anniversary, birthday, or family reunion event? You can also include them directly in your presentation so that future generations can connect with them more intimately.


How would you like to be remembered? Through your autobiographical presentation, you define the legacy you want to leave to your descendants. Tell them your story, in your own words, in the first person.

Your Story… Your Way

Plain and simply, we help you tell your loved one’s story – as you see it. Our role is a supportive one because we don’t know the story. We help you to articulate and tell your story to engage friends and family.

We do this in three different ways. You choose which approach suits you best.

online workshop
Online Workshop
Our online workshop provides you with the knowledge and tools to create your Celebration of Life Presentation yourself – at your own pace. Since it is membership based, you can create as many presentations as you wish. And we help you share your presentation in the cloud for the duration of your membership.
If you are comfortable doing it yourself we can support you by scanning photos and digitizing old 8mm and Super8 films as well as old VHS video tapes. You can then use the digitized media in your own presentation. The result is that you also have a digital archive that will not degrade over time.
Custom Presentation
We collaborate with you to create a custom Celebration of Life film to be shared with family and friends – both at an event and to keep and share. We bring our film making and story telling expertise to create a professional Celebration of Life presentation. However, we do not know your story, so we ask that you collaborate with us to insure that the presentation befits your loved one.

Create a Family Heirloom

In our experience, your Celebration of Life presentation is destined to become a family heirloom. It can be enjoyed conveniently by friends and family over time; and, because it is digital, it will not fade or degrade over time.

man holding a dslr

How it works?

At Film and Life, we understand the importance of preserving and honoring your family’s memories. Our streamlined three-step process ensures that every video we create is a true reflection of your loved one’s life story and becomes a cherished keepsake for your family. Let us help you create a beautiful and lasting tribute that will be treasured for generations.
Initial Consultation
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The first step in engaging with Film and Life for your video is to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, our experienced team will discuss your vision, goals, and any specific requests you may have. We'll take the time to understand your loved one's story and gather all the necessary information to create a personalized and meaningful video tribute.
Collaboration and Content Collection
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After the initial consultation, we'll work closely with you to collaborate on the video creation process. We'll guide you through the content collection phase, where you can provide us with photos, videos, and any additional materials you want to include in the video tribute. Our team will curate and organize the content to create a cohesive and emotionally impactful storyline.
Video Production and Delivery
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Once we have all the necessary content, our skilled team of video editors and producers will bring your vision to life. Using our advanced editing techniques, we'll carefully craft a high-quality video tribute that honors your loved one's memories. Once the video is completed, we'll deliver it to you in your preferred format, ensuring that it can be easily shared and passed on for generations to come.

A gift to friends, family... and yourself.

By creating a Celebration of Life video presentation of your loved one, you are creating enduring memories for others to enjoy and treasure. It becomes a priceless gift to friends, family, and future generations.

It also becomes a gift to yourself. The act of telling your loved one’s story through creating your presentation is an act of love and compassion. It is also very fulfilling… a memory you can treasure and take pride in.

Let us help and guide you in celebrating timeless memories.

We Have Been There

We have years of experience in producing corporate promotional and educational films, documentaries, narrative films, and even music videos.

It was when we experienced the loss of a loved one that we realized how important it is to preserve the precious and timeless memories of loved ones; and how important it is to share their legacy with new generations of family and friends. This is why we decided to share our film making skills with those wanting to celebrate their loved one – to assist them in honoring their heritage and ensuring it is not lost from memory.

We focus on telling your story, but we treat the production of each film with as much care and attention as if it were our own.


Online Workshop

• Includes all 3 workshops (create as many presentations as you wish during the year)

• Includes hosting of all of your presentations for as long as the membership is valid

• Membership can be renewed at expiry if you wish

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(US) One Year Membership

Presentation Assist

• Competitive rates for digital photo scanning, film and VHS tape digitizing based on number of items to be digitized.

• Includes useful documents in PDF format to help guide you in creating your own presentation.

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Custom Presentation

We will provide a quote for production of a custom presentation video based on the complexity of your story and the amount of scanning and filming of additional media required.

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