Our Mission

We don’t create your story, we help you discover it.


At Film and Life, we help our customers to create compelling biographical videos that celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Our services range from producing custom videos by collaborating with our customers, to providing online workshops that support those customers wishing to do it themselves. Our goal is to assist our customers in the creation of biographical video presentations that will be part of their loved one’s legacy to future generations.


To truly understand ourselves, we need to understand where and who we came from. Preserving the legacy of our forefathers is the driving force of what we do at Film and Life.

Our heritage is often more colorful, intricate, surprising and interesting than we assume. Our lives are enriched by a deeper understanding of the legacy we inherit.

Helping our community

Whether we realize it or not, our journey through life touches others in unexpected ways. We inspire others through our passions, our beliefs and our actions.

A community is really the sum total of the beliefs and passions of its members. It is what binds them into a “community”; be it a family, a neighborhood, an organization, or a nation state.

We strive to preserve the legacy of life journeys to the benefit of the communities they impacted.


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