Creating the Celebration of Life Presentation for a Passed Loved One

Remembering Your Passed Loved One

Creating your own Celebration of Life presentation is a great way for you to remember the impact your passed loved one had on your life – as well as on the lives of friends and family. Telling their story from your perspective can often be of great comfort and an important step in the grieving process.

Preserve Heritage for Future Generations

Because the story is told from your perspective, the Celebration of Life presentation you create during the workshop preserves the legacy of your loved one for future generations.
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Complete Instruction

Visual Learning
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The workshop uses video to demonstratte key concepts - a “see then do” approach that is super easy to follow.
Content Guides
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There are questions and guides to enhance and encourage your creativity; to take your story to the level it deserves.
Helpful Samples
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The workshop includes helpful samples to speed you on your way. You can use the samples as guides: replace the media with your own images, and away you go!

Helpful Hints

The workshop is full of helpful tips and tricks used in professional productions; ensuring that your presentation engages your audience and becomes a lasting family heirloom.

You have a completed presentation at the end of the workshop

The workshop not only teaches you how to build your presentation – it guides you through its actual creation. By completing the workshop, you will have created your presentation that will impress your friends and family.
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